Graeme presents in DEA’s “Meet the Expert” forum

Decision Risk Analytics’ Graeme Keith was recently invited by the Hamburg-based oil company DEA to present on their “Meet the Expert” forum. This is a summary of Graeme’s presentation. The slides are available here.   Despite the title, this isn’t a mathematical presentation – at least not in the sense of having numbers or equations.[…]


What is the probability of project success and how to improve it? Join Decision Risk Analytics’ and Factor3’s open Master Class in quantitative integration of risks and uncertainties in project management and portfolio decision-making 6 June 2019 at Bernstoff Palace, Jægersborg Alle 93, DK-2820 Gentofte Read more and register…

Decision Risk Analytics at the Exploration Risk Coordinators Workshop

At Rose & Associate’s Risk Coordinators’ workshop at Tullow Oil’s offices in Chiswick, west London at the end of January, Graeme presented his work on how to identify and quantify systematic bias in probabilistic predictions, and on how much it costs to be rubbish at risking (spoiler alert: a lot). The full presentation can be viewed here.[…]

Decision Risk Analytics welcomes Andreas Bloch as Senior Software Developer

We are pleased to announce that Andreas Bloch has joined the Decision Risk Analytics team to strengthen our software development capabilities. Andreas is a Python and Javascript end-to-end developer with extensive experience in deployment on Amazon Web Services.

Decision Risk Analytics welcomes Graeme Keith as Senior Partner

We are delighted to welcome Graeme Keith to the team as Senior Partner. With a PhD in applied mathematics, Graeme brings deep domain expertise in the quantification and modelling of uncertainty, together with extensive experience from Denmark’s biggest companies, advising executive management on strategy, portfolio management and enterprise risk management. Graeme started out developing mathematical models[…]

New name for our consulting services

DECISION RISK ANALYTICS is the new name for the consulting services offered by the RiskyDecisions company. As our new web-based Python version of the RiskyDecisions software suite nears completion, we are turning our attention to our consulting services and building the team and capabilities that will ensure our clients enjoy maximally effective implementation of the[…]

Andreas Stilling-Andersen

RiskyDecisions welcomes Andreas Stilling-Andersen

We are pleased to announce that Andreas Stilling-Andersen has joined our team to help developing and maintaining our software products. Andreas is studying Physics and Nanotechnology at the Technical University of Denmark and will be working part-time with RiskyDecisions.