A full range of services across all application areas

Decision Risk Analytics tailors its service to your requirements and to take point of departure in your current practice. To kick off the conversation, we have clustered services at a variety of service levels.

Ultimately, Decision Risk Analytics aims to provide you with the methods and tools independently to incorporate fit-for-purpose quantitative analysis of decisions under uncertainty at every level of decision making in your business. Clearly, training and education is a key starting point.

Practical, appropriate and robust processes are essential to achieve this goal and we offer advice on process design and the optimal design of the software implementation for your specific goals. We take our point of departure in your existing processes and our collaboration most often begins with a conversation around existing processes, the decisions they support, the goals they achieve and, crucially, the data that are available to underpin decisions.

Decision Risk Analytics will offer decision support for clients unfamiliar with quantitative decision analysis or for clients looking for guidance around more technically advanced methods such as Value of Information or Value of Flexibility. Typically Decision Risk Analytics would work closely with you to design a decision analysis methodology so that you execute the analysis yourselves. However, in some cases, you may prefer or require third-party, independent valuation.

Some example activities at the intersection between our service levels and application areas are illustrated in the table below