DECISION RISK ANALYTICS is the new name for the consulting services offered by the RiskyDecisions company.

As our new web-based Python version of the RiskyDecisions software suite nears completion, we are turning our attention to our consulting services and building the team and capabilities that will ensure our clients enjoy maximally effective implementation of the software and the methods it supports.

Decision Risk Analytics will advise clients on the development of structured, quantitative approaches to the management of uncertainty in business decision making. These approaches have application in project management, project portfolio optimization, strategic planning, investment portfolio analysis and enterprise risk management.

The new name retains its attention to risk (understood as the effect of uncertainty on business objectives) and the central role decisions must play in managing risk. The additional explicit reference to analytics, emphasizes our further focus on modelling and quantitative analyses, which together ensure unrivalled clarity for decision makers by articulating fundamental value drivers and the strategic levers that control them.

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