What we do

Decision Risk Analytics delivers software and services to enable clients develop a structured, quantitative approach to the management of uncertainty and risk in business decision making, with application in strategic planning, investment portfolio analysis, enterprise risk management, project portfolio optimization and project management.

Your value

The consistent integration of fit-for-purpose uncertainty analysis provides clarity for decision makers by articulating the fundamental value drivers and the strategic levers that control them. This insight empowers executives to

  • Optimize returns for a given level of risk by optimizing strategic controls
  • Reduce cost by concentrating resources on crucial decision components
  • Rationalize decisions and report on residual uncertainties to investors

The transition from single point estimates with qualitative or semi-qualitative risk management to probabilistic assessments with quantitative risk management brings a host of additional advantages:


Decision Risk Analytics’ unique proprietary software RiskyDecisions backgrounds the mathematical burden of uncertainty analysis, allowing decision makers to focus full attention on extracting value from the insights of experts and data, and on the simple but faithful representation to executives of the fundamental uncertainties underlying a decision and the levers they have in place to control them.


Decision Risk Analytics offers consultancy and training from a team of experts in quantitative decision modelling, with experience and expertise from all Decision Risk Analytics’ application areas. Apart from the requisite mathematical expertise, Decision Risk Analytics’ consultants have substantial experience and know-how in deploying uncertainty modelling in support of business decisions, as well as designing, building and rolling out the business processes that ensure modelling maximizes value from the available data and expertise and is tailored to decision-makers requirements.

Our values

At Decision Risk Analytics, we passionately believe that a structured, fit for purpose, decision process – employing appropriate quantitative analysis – is the superior way to ensure coherence, clarity and confidence in decision making. To realize this ambition, both our software development and the modelling we carry out in our work are each guided by a set of four principles.


Decision Risk Analytics, launched in the Autumn of 2018, is the consulting arm of the Risky Decisions company, which was formed in 2017 in order to bring together our expertise to develop a world class Monte Carlo software on which to build a full range of risk and uncertainty management services.